Well that was a weird day on Sunday,admittedly we went to Sparkford Dorset to pick up a new hatch and WRC wing for my RS2K,but then I wanted to go on down to Sherborne to do some research on my late family as we seem to be from there b4 the 1900`s.
On arriving in a car park in the town I spotted an older guy and asked him if he was local,yes he replied and had lived in Sherborne for 60 years.I then asked him where local people were buried hoping to get some info off graves ect as you do,he said everyone would be buried at the Abbey if local,I thought this was a bit weird as usually gentry ect are buried at Abbey`s,after trekking through the town from the car park,we found en route all shops shut…boring,all pubs open lol,yes the Abbey had no grave yard,now was the old guy I spoke to drunk or a bullshitter who knew nothing,the later I think,what a right twat he was 60 years in the town and doesn`t know where the graveyard is in his own town is and a town about an inch wide lol, as the grave yard is actually about a mile away behind a council estate.Google it and its there to be found????
Motto here don`t talk to stupid old blokes in car parks who claim to be local,oh and he never knew the nearest route to get back on the M5 North.Bloke was a twat head,.
Apart from that I found the town drab and boring.No way would I want to live there.
More life in Chipping Camden, Glos. and now that is a boring place.

Over and out.