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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

Joint MSA Drivers~Jeff B/Darren B

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Ready for MLR

motorsport Posted on Thu, July 21, 2011 21:52:15

Ok the RS is now ready for the next session,all studs sorted and we are all out for suspension/brake testing…..aint saying nothing.smiley

We are going to use this as a test day,with alot of feedback from Darren at the helm.All input will hopefully be used for 2012 MSA use.

The twin humped mk5/6 modded bonnet will be dispenced with and I`ve gone back to the standard one that I have cut all the internal metal work out of to lighten it,just needs some bonnet pins fitted that have been ordered,internal has been sprayed matt black and its on the car.Its made it very flimsy but the difference in weight is amazing,as weighed its half the weight of standard shaving off 9.5 kg of useless metal just being dragged about on track.

If anyone wants to purchase the other one make me an offer via email.It needs a slight tweak around the humps and spraying in your own colour.

Origanal bonnet in the process of being attacked with angle grinder.~

How it ended up

Rs2k Studs

motorsport Posted on Sat, July 16, 2011 20:21:12

Pulled the dodgy hub and carrier from her on Thursday,a quick dismantle and drove out the hub out of the carrier as had no access because of the abs ring to fit the new studs,this in turn means you really need to fit new bearings either side at the same time,I drove out the old studs and fitted new,as I don`t have a bleeding great press here I took it round to Croft Street garage “Daves place” and he kindly supplied and pressed new bearings in for me and pressed the hub back in for me along with the abs all for £10~now that is mates rates.It was also noticed on dismantling that the inner bearing was slack anyway,so a good job all round me thinks.

Picked it all up Friday morning from him then shot off down to Falmouth to pick this up with the trailer,450 mile round trip lol.

Think Aide was happy.

My new Grandaughter

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Mon, July 11, 2011 23:34:32

Well on Friday 8th of July 2011 my new grandaughter arrived,Jessica,thrilled is an understatement.Well done Rach and Dar

motorsport Posted on Mon, July 04, 2011 19:40:06

Been a member here for a while now as you can see by my car grfx`s,may I take the oppertunity to invite any Ford fanatic along there,you will find a very great bunch of people on the forum.

Welsh Ford Club meets are brimming with enthusiastic owners,justlook at RSCombe 2011 where a bunch of Clown Cosworth Owners thought “we will take that stand over as they aint got any members” were booted off when Weshford arrived enmass convoy lmao.

Fastford features for pure different cars…its all happening there.Its my new home as I have the build up there.

I got a good feel for the RS2K at RS Combe and now know where to make a few odd changes to enhance things for next time,car was very stable in the bends and predictable in the straights,engine was pulling strong ,no brake fade,very pleased with the present setup.

RSCombe 2011

motorsport Posted on Sun, July 03, 2011 19:56:41

Well its been and gone another hot day,too hot behind the wheel and dissaster struck on the 4th session

Last run with FEC “Ford Escort Club”Grafix all now been removed as I am no longer affiliated with that club unfortunately ….Good luck FEC…for the future.

On we go~

probems after 4th session.Yikes.

found that all the studs had stretched on the front wheels,so game over,bought a new set on circuit from Merlin Motorsport,but could not budge them,needed a puller that I did not have to take the hub off the bearings.

I knew something was amiss as the steering wheel was shaking like the wheels were out of balance 2 laps in.

All 16 studs will be replaced as soon as poss.

Just a warning to all,trackdays/sprints ect take it out of studs,this caught me out,bare in mind the cars only done 62k from new.As recommended change all of them every year.

Next trackday MLR trackday @Combe yet again lol where me and Darren will share the day,for comparison,suspension setups ect.

How she was when Fast Ford Camara man decended on her,pretty well dumped with the nearside wheel problem in the trackday pit,no interest in her by 1.00 pm,so wandered off looking at static bling…boring.By 3.30 pm I was heading home.

Last update b4 RSCastlecombe

motorsport Posted on Sun, June 19, 2011 23:54:03

Been carving up a few bits of carbon and fettling the car,any of these carbon parts can be replicated,just enquire for pricing.

As always cick the pic to expand it and go to the bottom and scroll through the pics~

RS2K as always is up for sale at £3600 ~no offers~

Heros of the track

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Sat, June 11, 2011 01:02:52

Viewed a video the other day and was on the edge of the seat watching it…awesum driving so close,what a driver,driven Combe a few times here over the last few years and been passenger in Dazers old Evo 5 at trackdays but this was close stuff.

Well my RS2K build goes on,just getting her sorted for RSCombe 2011 as my own work goes into overdrive here now for a few months,electrical work is a bit thin on the ground so seem to be doing more building maintenance sort of stuff,Secured a 12 week subcontract so a bit more happy now.

Here we are in June,where has the year gone?I just never got off the ground with the hillclimbing this year,shame really as I just didn`t have the ready cash at the begining of the year to plough into it.

Hopefully 2012 will be a better year as the car is now built up to where I want it to be.As always its still for sale @ £3600 as other projects will take over and proceed it.

Do come over for a chat at RSCombe if you are there.


The RS2K

motorsport Posted on Mon, June 06, 2011 01:25:28

Not too many updates with the RS at the moment apart from more carbon fibre being added here and there for weight loss and the start of throwing out odd bits of stainless bling under the bonnet.Exhaust hangers were rotting so replaced those.

Nice weekend

motorsport Posted on Sun, May 01, 2011 22:12:16

Having a nice weekend here and this goes like sh*t off a shovel,dialynx quattro.

Laptop rebuild

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Thu, April 28, 2011 22:02:17

As some of the bods here know I used to build computers as part of my business,mainly desktops gaming rigs,top o` the range stuff,never really been into laptop fiddling,but after having a quote local for £130 to £150 to replace the dc input jack on my work come relaxing laptop I thought nah…its gonna be teared apart lol.

So out in the sun on the patio under the decking brolly on the big table I pulled the mother apart,seemed like 2 million pieces all over the place and enough screws to hold a house together,I nailed down to just the motherboard in my hands and the burn`t unsoldered dc input jack.Piece of piss,gulp look at all those parts on the table …..eyes wide open,new part installed an extended cable to an external jack…1 hour later it was all back together and worked 1st time no problems.

Hmmm laptops…….easy peazey. £130 they were having a larf..cost me…err nothing just a nice afternoon in the sun.

Yes this is the said culprit,working 100% typing this..smiley


Trance tracks April 2011

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Sun, April 24, 2011 00:24:06

Just my favorite toons at the mo`


small update

motorsport Posted on Sat, April 23, 2011 19:31:52

The rear hatch is all rubbed back and ready for the sprayshop,having trouble obtaining the lexan for the hatch,emailed 4 companies as to date with only one reply from Tony at ACW motorsport,top guy,unfortunatley he has been ill so waiting for response,seems no one wants my money lol.

Hope your all enjoying the weather,its been a warm one today,tell me about it lol,hot work sanding down hatches in this weather,Jeff

some updates

motorsport Posted on Fri, April 22, 2011 19:13:13

Well as of today the 22nd April 2011,we are Evo 5 less,she was sold and drove off into the distance North.

Started the hatch rubdown in preperation for respray RS2K,done the glass big time with a hammer and stripped all of the wiring as none of it will be needed for track and sprint.

I`ll be getting the electric gear out tommorrow to feather it all back.

How the rear is going to look,the fog light aperatures are going to be meshed over for air vents.

Race/Track seats into an Escort Mk6

motorsport Posted on Thu, April 21, 2011 21:29:55

I made my own seat rails to floor mount for £2 for the pilot seat.You need to obviously buy the side mounts to start with.Cobra or most makes fit.

if you buy the Corbra floor mounts they are gonna cost you £100 plus.

Its a pretty no brainer to knock your own up.

Drivers seat runs the Cobra Mk6 Escort floor mount @£100 plus.

Passenger seat runs jedamotorsport low mount @ £2



Weekend Jollies Posted on Mon, April 18, 2011 20:50:42

Well that was a weird day on Sunday,admittedly we went to Sparkford Dorset to pick up a new hatch and WRC wing for my RS2K,but then I wanted to go on down to Sherborne to do some research on my late family as we seem to be from there b4 the 1900`s.
On arriving in a car park in the town I spotted an older guy and asked him if he was local,yes he replied and had lived in Sherborne for 60 years.I then asked him where local people were buried hoping to get some info off graves ect as you do,he said everyone would be buried at the Abbey if local,I thought this was a bit weird as usually gentry ect are buried at Abbey`s,after trekking through the town from the car park,we found en route all shops shut…boring,all pubs open lol,yes the Abbey had no grave yard,now was the old guy I spoke to drunk or a bullshitter who knew nothing,the later I think,what a right twat he was 60 years in the town and doesn`t know where the graveyard is in his own town is and a town about an inch wide lol, as the grave yard is actually about a mile away behind a council estate.Google it and its there to be found????
Motto here don`t talk to stupid old blokes in car parks who claim to be local,oh and he never knew the nearest route to get back on the M5 North.Bloke was a twat head,.
Apart from that I found the town drab and boring.No way would I want to live there.
More life in Chipping Camden, Glos. and now that is a boring place.

Over and out.

RSCombe 2011

motorsport Posted on Fri, April 15, 2011 23:28:50

Should be there/will be there 100% smiley

RS2K new rear end

motorsport Posted on Mon, April 11, 2011 20:26:09

Never been happy with the rear end of the Escort Mk6 it just looks dated and old hat with a stupid half con-cocked spoiler “cosmetic” only.

Out on track as some of you may know or not know its tail happy with no downforce,the front on mine with the Nissan spoiler and spliitter is plenty.

Well my car is being built up for hill climbing and odd trackdays so I am looking for ass end stability.

I`m picking this up on Sunday,hoping its gonna sort my small problem out,all pro fitted and blended in with no number plate recess or ford badge recess ,all been welded and plated,note this is not the 2 piece crap available from other suppliers.

Ahh well it will be back to the sprayshop for a drop of the Ash Black.

Nice drive all round Dorset lol

Funny how the colours look so different from shot to shot,well loads of work as we need to get new polycarbonate in there and rub it all down.

RS 2000 mk6

motorsport Posted on Tue, April 05, 2011 17:59:06

Well most of the stuff has been sorted,2nd seat fitted and harness for passenger duties,slight change of plans with the sunroof blanking as I did it myself with carbon to save a biggish bill,all windows are now polycarbonate,bonnet and new mirrors fitted,more carbon in the cockpit.

The car was taken up to Jamsport in Northampton last Saturday,a good meet with a gang from F E C,wasn`t too dissapointed with the result as I had thought it may be running lean on top,but it was the reverse its running rich so lost out on BHP,it needs mapping to extract the remaining punch out of her.

Results were ~ 171 BHP and 157 lb ft torque,not bad out on an engine that has only external mods.

Modded the trailer access for the RS as it was causing all manor of head aches grounding out ect ect and the last straw on Saturday was shoving the trailer into the back of the V/W transporter while it was off the hitch whilst trying to get the car up the ramps.Damn splitter is so low on the front,you can only get 4 fingers between it and the road.

Car on wet setup

Car on dry setup at Jamsport “pic by Martin @ FEC “.

Castlecombe incar footage not previously seen.

Peg leg Daz

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 02, 2011 20:44:45

Hope the ankle heals soon m8,Daz took a fall down a spiral staircase while working and has fractured his ankle,so he`s laid up at home unable to do much for a few weeks,so no bleeding help with my RS,nite mare trying to fit Poly windows on yer own lol.

The RS

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 02, 2011 20:31:14

Some progress to report in March,Sunroof and all its associated crud has gone,new wrc carbon mirrors have been sprayed along with the modded 2k mk5 bonnet and fitted,polycarbonate full window kit ordered and part fitted along with the stripping of the electric window garbage.Another Cobra Evolution pro seat and full harness kit was ordered and has been received for passenger duties.

Car has been rebooked into Cotsweld cages to have the sunroof aperature migged over in sheet steel along with 2 sets of seat rails and another harness bar on the cage then the roof will be sprayed by Cotswold BMW in Ash Black.

I`m adding seat rails instead of mounts as I want the 2 seats to sit low in the cockpit to lower the c.o.g for the driver & passenger.The cobra mounts are just too high for track and sprint use.

She`s also had a quick release steering mount fitted as its been a bit of a mare getting in and out of the door over the x bars in 2010

Car will be down at Ajec racing this Sunday for a rolling road and AFR check.

2011 Whats happening

motorsport Posted on Sat, January 01, 2011 00:40:53

Well here we are its 2011,some major decisions were made over the holiday period,my RS and kit were up for sale more on that later in the year,but sad times as the EVO 5 and all her new kit that was being bought to bring her up into the 400 bhp scene is and has been near enough sold off,Darren needs a bigger family car with little one on the way,he`s had a good run in the Jap machine done some gr8 days and acheived all he wanted to to date.So it looks the like the RS is about to welcome aboard a new driver smiley I feel that front tyres are about to become more regular in 2011.

As for the RS2K we have the new bonnet/rear wing and quick release front end to sort out in Jan/feb along with the dissapearance of the sunroof and new roof WRC air vent and poly windows,then its onto MSA log book and who knows.


RS2K mk5 to mk6 bonnet

motorsport Posted on Sat, November 27, 2010 15:43:18

New twin bulge “ala MK5 RS” bonnet in primer ready for spraying to be fitted to my mk6 RS2K

MLR Sprint Silverstone

motorsport Posted on Sun, October 03, 2010 18:53:13

As the below post we towed the Evo 5 upto Silverstone for the last round of the Mitsubishi Lancer Register Sprint Series on the new Stowe circuit.Was damp and foggy on arrival but that soon changed into a fine day.Fist up was a moring of practice,car was all over the place understeering like a demented witch on a broomstick,once track had fully dried out the understeer lessened but it was evident that the 048`s just were not upto sprinting.A quick tyre change,back tyres to front and vice versus and all the wing we could add in on the rear vane helped to cut the sliding about but now the tail end got a little happy and Darren ended up doing a 360 and a brush with the tyre chicane~no damage though,just a bruise.

The frontrunners in class B some with 480 bhp evos were about 2 seconds quicker so Darren pulled a couple of good runs out the bag to lesson the gap but it was all pretty tight at the top with the first 5 places seperated a mere 1 sec.

Car ran good all day,we had an exhaust stud work its self loose and we ended up wanging 2 nuts on it to hold it firm as there is an oilway just behind it that began leaking a tad,think also Daz is gonna be looking out for another bigger turbo for 2011 as there were a couple of strange noises on rundown from the one fitted.Think thats about it for both cars now for 2010,obviously there will be things going on with both motors over the closed season,upgrades ect so do drop by for an update.

The old mans pretty much sumed up the Event at stone yesterday.. Was a shame I couldnt find a pair of used R888 before the Day as the Ao48s really didnt work.I new they required warming up but the track just wasnt long enough. The turbo`s on its last legs now with the noise after each run on shut down so that will be on the list for next year. But hey thats it for this year no more events going on so both cars are now put away for some mods over the winter ready for next year.

Some Vids

The Final Push

motorsport Posted on Fri, September 24, 2010 18:19:13

Ok my RS2K has been put away now for 2010,its done me proud this year and I have enjoyed using it on track,its performed well with no glitches just a shame the Toyos don`t seem to last more than 5 minutes after a hard day on track,money permitting in 2011 I will be obtaining my MSA licence and getting an MSA log book for the car as its not been road registered for a few years now,then hopefully that will lead onto a spot of Sprint/Hillclimbing.

We had a good day at Rally Day last week hosted at the ever popular Castlecombe race circuit,some dizzy cars there,the list is endless,Darren had 3 track sessions booked and boy did he peddle it smiley,can`t actually remember anything overtaking us but I remember seeing alot of cars being caught and overtaken by the Evo,another set of front Toyos 888`s where scrubbed out and fit for the bin.

Darren went over to Performance Autoworks in Fairford in the week and bought a couple of A048`s to replace the fronts and also picked up his custom made extended platform for the gearshift mech,this will bring the gearshifter higher and nearer to the steering wheel,so the last push is on this weekend to get it all sorted for the last round of the MLR sprint series at Silverstone “Stowe Circuit”hoping he can lift the B Class win for that sprint as last time he was beaten by 0.2 of a second for the win.

So its fingers crossed for a dry day there for a change “always pisses down “at Stone,anyone wishing to visit the event must check in at the main gate by 9.00am to obtain a pass as there are other races at the circuit that day.24 hr thing.

Pic taken today of the raised gear mech,A048`s tyres have been fitted to the front,some plastic bits have been removed up front of the gear shift,junk lol

Flocked Dash Install EVO 5

motorsport Posted on Sat, September 11, 2010 20:37:01

Darren has spent the day re installing his dash,since being flocked,He also removed the headlining and associated plastic and resprayed them matt black as a colour coordinate,to say it looks good would be an understatement,its bloody amazing.Looked a nitemare of a job reinstalling it all,also guages had to be installed in other places to suit the new dash housing ect.Sure Darren will add his bit to this,he also has a few more mods to do tommorrow~oil cooler vent ect in readiness for Rally Day at Combe next week.Top work Darren.

MLR Trackday,Castlecombe 21 aug 2010

motorsport Posted on Sat, August 21, 2010 19:22:47

Weather was kind there today,dry track all day even though it was a wet drive down.Both cars ran faultless and quick,Darren swapped out to the new 17″ rims and 888`s from his 18`s and said it just made the car better than it was,certainly was flying past me out there lol.All in all a great day out and as always well organised from the word go,smooth transition through the signing on to noise testing and open pitlane works well,no hanging about for sessions.

Short in car video rs2000 mk6~

Video by Racheal from camp corner~

Pre trackday update RS2000 MK6

motorsport Posted on Mon, August 16, 2010 22:30:41

Just a small update as we run down through the week into the MLR trackday on Saturday,just in the process of sorting Carbotech XP10 pads made for my front setup and rears will follow,if they work as good as on Darrens Evo 5,It may well quash the thoughts of an AP setup to the front.

I`ve just finished waxing the crap out of my white alloy 17″ wheels that run the toyos 888`s,hoping it might help with the build up of crap and rubber I seem to be getting on return from tracks.Also been sorting out some additional bits for the ramps on the trailer so I can load the car without taking out the lower deffuser on the splitter,probably be a nitemare loading Friday lol,we shall see.

Gonna drop the suspension a tad again at the rear,just as a tryout as I think its still too nose heavy,tidy up the rollcage padding to x`s with some blue stuff I have got hold of,thats about it really.

Will report back on both cars Sunday how they got on.

Evo 5 Manifold replacement

motorsport Posted on Sat, August 07, 2010 23:05:04

Hmm what a bum day we had,Darren managed to remove the exhaust manifold,but in doing so left 4 studs that needed removing,3 came out ok but the last one was being a bit to say the least stubborn,an arseole it was.

With only about half an inch of the stud left sticking out from the head things where getting desperate,mole grips were doing nothing,using an angle grinder to put flats on the stud were also useless,time to get the mig welder out,we managed to mig a nut to the last bit of remaining part of the butchered stud and bingo out she came with the ratchet.

Also had mass problems on the turbo elbow stud that had snapped off,eventually drilled it out and fitted nut and bolt in place.

So after both of us getting burns to our hands,via hot drills/welder/glowing nuts from blow tourches we got there in the end.

Not had a report back from Darren yet as to his journey home,hope it all went ok.

Sure he will add to this….when his hands that are probably aching like mine allow,bloody mullgrips.

action shot from RSCombe

motorsport Posted on Tue, August 03, 2010 22:26:36

2 Evo`s bearing down on the dude with no brake lights who kept jamming his brakes on like no tommorrow for no reason,holding everyone up,me included.

New Header

motorsport Posted on Sun, August 01, 2010 19:29:53

New header picture by Andy Sharpe.

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