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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

Joint MSA Drivers~Jeff B/Darren B

Sponsored by Performance Autoworks/Opie Oils/Karparts of Cheltenham

New Car

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 11, 2015 22:46:00

Having owned the Escort RS2000 for over 10Yrs recently we started to get bored of the car. We had spent many years changing part and making it into a trackday car and then a Msa log booked hill climb car. After the last Midland round at Prescott hill climb in 2014 we both decided it was time to move it on and we sold the car in November of that year.
We were keen to buy something light weight for the 2015 season as the Escort was very heavy even with all the fibreglass parts we had fitted. So something below 800kg was needed to be competative in the coming year.
We had contacted someone about a Peugeot 205 a few years prior so chased that car up to see if it was still about. The car was a well known 205 in Hill climb racing and was one of the fasted CII cars about at the time. It held many records up and down the country since 1990 and some still to this day. After chasing up the owner we organised a day and went up to view. As soon as the garage door went up we were pretty blown away by the build of the car , we had heard it was special and from the limited info we had on the car knew it had been developed by two F1 engineers. We had a long chat and a deal was done at the end , the car was due to be broken for parts so we were pretty pleased we saved it and it lives to race another day.

22/9/13 Shelsley Walsh

motorsport Posted on Sat, September 28, 2013 22:00:30

Weekend Report
A not so early start was required for today as the car was already at the track so we set off around 7am. We got up the track in an hour and started to change into the race gear. Dad got in a panic as he lost his wallet but after a run over to the van we found it in the cool box in the car. pmsl. Anyway after that mad 10mins we set off to the office to sign on and get ready to have the car and kit checked over all again. We then picked the same batch numbers for practice as Saturday as this worked well with the joint driver situation. So first up again was me track was a bit greasy through the esses but all went well with a time of 37.28. Next up was Dad and I hung around the start line to hear if he hit 3rd gear on his run. He set off well hit the first 2 corners flat and got 3rd gear too and hit a time of 37.65.
So onto the 2nd practice runs on my run I decided to try and hit the esses flat out which worked with a time of 35.72 so quicker than my fastest time on Saturday. Dad was up next and he said he had cracked 3rd gear change he also hit the esses almost flat through out it and hit a time of 36.68 and was well chuffed to get into the 36s as last year he could only get into the 39s.
It was now lunch time and we set out checking the car over and fixing a few items that’s had come loose. Along with some banter with the other guys in our class. Before we knew it the meeting was under way again and the first guys were starting to line up. I was pretty sure I could make more time up through the esses so decided to go for it. I made a good start turn 1 and 2 flat and went into the esses hot !! I came out the other end and just touched the mud bank but that didn’t kill my speed as I still had it full throttle lol. Flew over the line with a time of 35.58 my quickest time yet. But dam that was close to the bank at silly speed lol.
Dad was up next he was keen to better his time but could only manage a time of 37.14. I later found out he was going into 4th towards the esses so told him to keep it in 3rd !
My last run of the day I knew I had to make the esses more tidier and not hit the bank. I got off the line well with a low 2.5 64ft hit the first corners flat and headed up to the esses flat in 3rd. I got hard on the brakes into 2nd and turned in a little later to get me more over to the left I swung it back missing the classic drain cover ! And come out middle of the track fast and blasted it over the line to hit 35.19 my pb at shelsley Walsh.
Dad was next and he wanted to get back into the 36s and was well pumped ! He got off the line well hit the first 2 corners flat and into 3rd up towards the esses not changing into 4th. He flew through the esses and out over the line with a 36.47 also his pb at shelsley Walsh. So final results I had another 3rd overall and 1st in class.
Dad managed 5th overall and 2nd in class. With Arron in 3rd in the pug 106 and Rod 4th in the racing puma. It was a fantastic weekend of racing which we really enjoyed , Dad beat his time from last year by 3 seconds and me by 2 seconds which is a great achievement. We haven’t upped the power but have mainly concentrated on the handling this year which as the results show have really worked.

Shelsley Walsh 21/9/13

motorsport Posted on Sat, September 28, 2013 21:58:49

Weekend report.
-Sat –
The day started early and we were on the road at 6am on way to Worcester. Once at the track the first job was to take car off trailer and load it up with all the tools and kit we would need in the pits. You then drive the car over the field into the pits with all the shit in the back lol. Once we found our shed/space we unloaded all the bits and set the tent up. We then changed wheels over to the slicks and gave the car a once over. We then had to sign on at the office and head back to the car to have all our kit inspected. Helmet / race suit all gets checked and the car before we hit the track. Once all that’s done it’s time to head back to the office to pick a batch number for practice sessions. Due to a joint driver car we have to pick them so we have plenty of time In between for change overs etc. Then it’s coffee time and a short wait before everyone starting warming their engines up for the start of practice.
I was up first so queued up for my batch number with everyone else. As we have raced here before I decided to hit the first run pretty quick , hit turn 1 and 2 flat but took it steady through the esses as it had new Tarmac. The car pulled well and the few changes we made since last year really showed. Next up was Dads run and after a quick chat saying its all good go for it he started to line up. He said hes run went well but lifted for turn 1 and 2 and had a few issues with selecting 3rd again. Before long we were lining up for our 2nd practice which all went well.
So that was the morning sorted and after lunch was the start of our timed runs. (These are the runs that count) So I was up first and lined up the tyres were cold so gave it the big un in the tyre warming area. I started the run well and hit all 2 corners flat and went over the finish with a 36.81. Next up Dad lined the rs up for his first timed run , he went off the line well but missed 3rd gear again so as a result went over the line with a 38.95. We didn’t better our times on the 2nd runs but I ended the day in 3rd but 1st in class. Dad ended the day in 5th and 3rd in our class having just been pipped by Aaron in the pug 106.
The class was merged due to the low numbers so we were up against the mighty Minis. Tomorrow was another day and Dad was keen to better his times and gear changes.

New Sponsors

motorsport Posted on Tue, January 29, 2013 20:47:25

Darren has been working away to obtain sponsors for our 2013 campaign,its always nice to have outside help from people within motorsport circles and the like.

So Jedamotorsport would like to welcome the following who are sponsoring our 2013 Hill climb car.

Performance Autoworks

Telephone :01285 711 733

Unit 13
Horcott Industrial Estate
Horcott Road

Karparts of Cheltenham

70 Tennyson Road,
GL51 7DB

01242 572638

Opie Oils

Telephone:01209 202944 – Customer Services
01209 202944 – Sales & Advice Hotline
01209 202949 – All other enquiries

The Fuel Depot
Cardrew Way
Cardrew Industrial Estate
TR15 1SS


Tel – 07528 151047

Email –

Website –

Many thanks to all and we look forward to working with you through the coming season..

RS Combe 7th July 2012

motorsport Posted on Tue, July 03, 2012 22:20:34

A last minute call to the event organisers on Sunday night just gone and we had a track pass sorted for this weekends rs Combe. I didn’t make the show last year due to my daughter as she was due to be born around this date lol. Dad did make the trip up but the day was ended early while out on track due to some stretched front studs.

Anyway the car has come a long way since last year so we are both looking forward to taking her out on track to stretch her legs. We had issues with fuel surge last year at Combe so the swirl pot will be doing its job we’ll come Saturday. With the extra weight taken out of the car it should be abit nippier too.

Msa hill climb at Prescott

motorsport Posted on Tue, July 03, 2012 22:01:50

A great weekend at Prescott was had. The rs ran faultless all weekend and handled very well on the tight course. Saturday was practice where we both had 3 runs. Sunday was race day where we had 2 runs to crack a good time. The day started off with a mass down pour so our first run was pointless :-(. The last run was late afternoon where it had dried out so we were all set for a flyer time. The car was joint driven by me and my farther so once I had done my run I came back to the pits for a quick change over so he could do his run. End of day the results were in and I made 2nd place and Dad made 5th after a fluffed gear change.
So it was a great first outing for the car and came away with a glass trophy for my efforts.

Reworked Evo Manifold For A Sprint Spec Evo

motorsport Posted on Tue, September 06, 2011 22:16:03

smiley Had this in the workshop over the weekend. The Evo Manifold required porting and polishing and Gasket matching where needed.

We ran one of these on our track/sprint Evo for 3yrs with great results.

Brief spec..

All 4 runners ported and polished

Gasket matched where needed

High temp coating to finish it off.

Outright sale is £85 Posted. (When we have them in)

Or the work carried out on your Evo Manifold is £70 Posted back to your Door.

New Daily Car

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Sat, May 07, 2011 01:08:26

Just thought Id pop a small post up of our new Daily car.

Galant Elegance V6 Estate. It runs a 2.5L V6 currently running 169hp – 175Ibft with just a K&N panel filter being the only mod.

Great for day to day stuff has full leather and A/C climate control. We spent around 4 month looking for one of these and alot of failed viewings of crap cars. So when this 54k 1 owner from new came up we were down to view the next morning.

Great car that I hope we can keep for a good few years to come specialy with a new family member on her way…

Evo 5 Goodies

motorsport Posted on Tue, November 16, 2010 01:20:26

Small update here. Its now coming up to xmas so all shows and trackdays are all over.. Both cars are having work done for next year.. Heres a little update for the Evo though. Delivered other week was this Evo 9 stage 2 turbo. BB core and a T38 wheel upgrade. All work carried out by Essex turbos and Turbo technics that should make this a very good turbo. I`ve seen dyno graphs for this turbo in the 450hp area so im pretty sure my aim of 420 should be in the bag..

Also in the box is a set of rc750cc injectors to replace the std setup to help run the higher hp. Also not in picture is a Evo 9 std manifold that will be treated with some port n polishing. Also hoping over the next few months to sort a splitter for the std front bumper and a few other things before putting the car into Performace Autoworks next year for the Rod job and hks cam install.

More to follow soon

Evo 4/5/6/7/8/9 Throttle Body Shaft Seals…

motorsport Posted on Mon, October 25, 2010 13:18:45

These seals keep the throttle plate shaft centered and positioned in the throttle body. When the rubber starts to perish on the seals they can cause boost leaks and the throttle plate can stick..

Fits Mitsubish Evo`s 4/5/6/7/8/9 and the Mitsubish GTO.

All availble from our ebay link below.

Evo 5 Dash

motorsport Posted on Thu, September 09, 2010 21:44:44

Just some pictures of my flocked dash that I picked up today.. Taking the dash out wasnt that bad in the end. So anyone thinking about it I know it looks daunting but really is isnt about 6 bolts from memory,

Work was all completed by Southwest Flocking in Bristol
The finish is alot better than some i`ve seen so top job done by Lee.

Southwest flocking @ FCM Motorsport
Unit 1
Netham View Industrial Park
71 Netham Road

Contact number

Spare Track Wheels

motorsport Posted on Thu, August 19, 2010 23:23:21

Nearly new 888’s (235/45/17) on recently refurbished Enkei 6 spokes. These will now be my track rims. I will keep the comp mos for road use and use some std road tyres. The price of 888s at the moment are very high and using them on the road is an utter waste. So now when I drive to tracks I will have these in the back for a quick change over… Luckly as per picture they come with 2 spare 888 tyres.

Evo 5 update

motorsport Posted on Wed, August 11, 2010 00:50:36

Most the updates here are on the Evo 5 . Dads Rs2000 is all ready to roll for its next day out on the 21st. But ive been abit busy getting little planned jobs out the way before the 21st.(MLR Trackday at Castle Combe)

Managed to pick up a set of XP10 pads for my Ap 6pots in the for sale section on the MLR one night brand new £100. After all the threads ive read on the xp range I was keen to find out what they were like. Well wasnt disapointed Amazing pads which can only get better with more bedding in!

Brake cooling
Always wanted to sort this out on my car.. On the evo 5 there are ducts from the bottom of each side of bumper that sort of face the calipers/discs. I used the std ducts and reworked the end to a 2″ tube.. This then fitted to my air feed pipe a treat with abit of routing along lower arm to face the centre of disc.. I will get some pics once all done But I hope to notice a difference when out on track.

Help For Heros Track Night At Staverton

motorsport Posted on Wed, July 21, 2010 23:38:52

The Evo 5 will be taking to the Runway at Staverton this Saturday for a Help for heros track night… The event is run by local tuning shop AJEC it will start at 7.30pm till 10.30pm and will run at 15min session.. There will also be rolling road sessions through out the day at AJEC ( Which im not bothering with lol) So alot to see on the day.. Never known an Event to be held at the Glos Airport so looking forward to it.. 🙂
and the fact its no more than 2mins from my house I think this will be the closest track time ever!

Pics from Santa pod

motorsport Posted on Thu, May 27, 2010 00:20:18

New Shoes

motorsport Posted on Tue, April 06, 2010 23:37:07

Well after the AAA Saloon series which was great by the way.We headed down to minehead area to pick my new rims up. Ive had the old ones on for near 3years now and was getting bored with the look.

These are comp mos 6 spoke. In 18s and fit a treat they came with new Goodyear f1 tyres too and had only recently had a full refurb done on the rims too. The result just looks great very happy.

The next round of the AAA is end of April at Silverstone where I hear more cars will be on the grid.. So may well take a trip down for a look.

Trackday at Llandow

motorsport Posted on Sun, March 28, 2010 19:13:33

And a vid from the day

Jeda In Total Evolution

motorsport Posted on Fri, March 05, 2010 23:39:35

Very old Evo pictures.

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 03, 2010 23:14:26

These were not long after I bought the car .. Wow how much its changed..

First Sprint Silverstone 20th March

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 03, 2010 23:09:22

Well the first sprint is nearly here really cant wait.. Prep work for the car over Christmas and during Jan and Feb is nearly finished..

On the list was new Graphics the car now really looks like a Track machine..

New steering wheel – This is a dished wheel which helps alot when being strapped into the bucket seats. Last wheel I had to stretch for and just didn`t feel great..

Harness Bar this wasn`t in last year.. This takes the load off the back of the seats if i was to crash. Also is a handy vid cam mount.

Not really a performance mod this next one but looks. Dash bulbs now all red,,

Also bought a new Actuator “Top hat” from an Evo 8.. Boost control now seems alot better Peak of 1.7 holding 1.5.

So pretty much all set now.. Will be buying some rear seats so I can go in the Fast Road class for the sprint so im not up against 500hp Track prepped Evos,

Ajec Rolling road

motorsport Posted on Sat, February 06, 2010 20:31:55

Great day up Ajec today for there MLR day results were up from last year abit more torque at 340ibft and a 5hp drop from the 350hp i had which is neither here or there lol Fueling spot on though and no det as i was on the lappy in the car checking.. Roll on the track days now!!

Update of Engine Bay

motorsport Posted on Sat, January 30, 2010 01:15:43

As the Bay stands at the moment.. Only work required which I never got round to last year is to remove the aircon pipes which will make it look cleaner.

Harness bar

motorsport Posted on Wed, December 30, 2009 20:21:26

After installing my new seats and harnesses I was concerned at the angle of the harnesses at the back which lead down to the fixing points after reading a few install sites.

It states that a max angle of 20 degrees to a fixing point should be achieved. All info here thanks to Clivew for the link

So I started to look into a Harness bars that would raise the angle from the above pic.
There are a few traders that sell these AMS – Sparco etc but there all around the £400 mark which is abit ott for a bar. The one I went for was from a trader in the USA these bars look almost the same as the sparco bars without the lable :smthumbup you can get one delivered for £160 with a 5 day turn around.

Installation was very easy it came with all the bolts etc maybe a 30min job all in. Dont look too bad they do lots of colours too and it can also be used as a handy fixing point for a cam for track days.:coolsm:

Also note the harnesses, these were threaded the correct way as stated by schroth and many other harness traders. Mess this up and from a fast off the belts could loosen from the force of your body. Saftey first as they say and all the info you could need is from that above link.. I have seen a few pictures of users fixing the harnesses to the bar. But they are not designed for that and id rather use the std fixing points:smthumbup

TB Seals And Port Work By Jedamotorsport.

motorsport Posted on Mon, December 07, 2009 01:37:59

Jedamotorsport Throttle Body Shaft Seals 4/5/6/7/8/9

The Standard Evo Elbow has many restrictions , mainly the outlet .. We port this to 3″ which works well when mated to a 3″ Exhaust system. With a light polishing inside this will add a few BHP and better spool. Also this will not crack like the cheap ebay units on the market. Another modification tried and tested on the Jeda Evo with great results.

Contact us for more info and prices on modifying your own unit.

Redline Magazine

motorsport Posted on Thu, November 12, 2009 22:00:08

Had an amazing day with Redline today at Santa pod. The line up of cars for the shoot were crazy from 700hp Skylines to a antilag Escort cosworth.. The day was a new vs old feature for there front cover on the next issue out 11th December 09. Cant wait for the read should be great.. Cant post results your have to buy the mag but I was very happy with the 0-60 i did 🙂

New Seat

motorsport Posted on Sun, October 04, 2009 21:31:05

As I mainly track my car and do the odd local sprint it was a must to go for some better seats.. The standard seats in mine had a retrim when I bought the car and was abit slippery on hard corners.After a trip to Merlin Motorsport at Castle combe they have a small seat room with all the bucket seats out to try.Never buy on looks just have to try them out first learnt this the hard way once. The one I went for in the end was the Cobra Evo Pro an amazing seat with higher sides than the others. The others I tried all looked good but had the feeling that I was sat on top of them rather than sat in the seat.. So that was that..

On to fitting..

Now ive read most the comments on here as to what to do and even “Recommendations” from traders trying to sell me something that only fits an Evo 7 the 4/5/6 and 7/8/9 all have different floor fittings.
Anyway all old seats out and the fittings starts

I opted for the fixed position for my seat as im the only driver..
OMP do a fixed frame which I bought and low side mounts to fit to my seat.
Onto some pics..

The OMP frame all lines up ok and bolted down.

Frame all in and side mounts fitted with suitble bolts.
Had the seat in on low setting first but this was still too high so a new hole was made which made the seat just right for me..Had to trim side buckel slot for harness also.

And that was it seat all in..

While I was at it stripped a few bits from the back..Did think about the whole carpet out ect but didnt go for it in the end due to security.

All done for today harness on its way and a few more bits to remove.

Will pick up another seat soon. But there not cheap.

RallyDay 09

motorsport Posted on Mon, September 21, 2009 10:56:35

What a great show. For once the weather was sunny all day.

The evo went very very well. Its been a long time since all the mods were done such as Toyo 888 tyres , Short rs gearbox and suspension tweaks etc. The last time we were at combe it was a very wet day so I couldnt drive 100%. So Rallyday with its weather was great to give her a full thrashing for once. I couldnt fault the way the car went.

Some great motors there tho and so much going on at once. Roll on Rallyday 2010.

Kemble this saturday is the last time the car will be out sprinting. No more shows till early next year now so time for a few more tweaks over the winter and to crack on with the next Jedamotorsport track machine.


motorsport Posted on Sun, August 02, 2009 22:14:34

Sorry for the late update dam Virgin internet!

Well last week I had my new ACT clutch and fly wheel fitted by Simon at Performance Autoworks. The box was also changed for a RS spec box. I had a new RS steering rack fitted aswell while it was all out.

We got the car back on Thursday in time for Saturdays MLR Track day at Castle combe. Saturday soon came and what a wet day it was. The track was wet all day but the car did really well. The R888 did well in the wet with a few warm up laps to start and the gearbox was great and well specced for track work.The power was there from every gear change unlike the GSR box.

We went out alot on track but with alot of red flags and a lunch break it soon came to an end. It was just a shame it wasnt dry. But was still great to get to know what the car went like with its new kit and the the R888..

So a big thanks go to jj multiservices for all the help over the weekend 🙂

Sunday I made a trip down to Ajec for a run on the rollers and was very pleased with the power she made all this was at 1.4Bar 351hp and 335Ibft.

Next track time for the Evo is RallyDay at Castle Combe.

New Tyres

motorsport Posted on Sat, July 25, 2009 21:10:22

Got the Toyo R888 fitted today thanks to Simon at SR tyres for the great deal on fitting below £40.

Also gave the car a wash down with the New foam lance that produces snow foam..

Cars going in for major work next week so another update will be posted before Saturday..

New Box

motorsport Posted on Sat, July 18, 2009 19:36:55

Just got back from Wales , went down to Llandlow to collect my nice new shiny rebuilt gearbox.. Going to keep the spec on the Box hush hush. But its a very rare box with some trick Gearing which should make it very quick. Rebuilt by an Evo rally tech down in Wales the box is all ready to go. The cars now booked in for a Clutch and box change only 4 days before my next Trackday talk about cutting it fine..

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