Having owned the Escort RS2000 for over 10Yrs recently we started to get bored of the car. We had spent many years changing part and making it into a trackday car and then a Msa log booked hill climb car. After the last Midland round at Prescott hill climb in 2014 we both decided it was time to move it on and we sold the car in November of that year.
We were keen to buy something light weight for the 2015 season as the Escort was very heavy even with all the fibreglass parts we had fitted. So something below 800kg was needed to be competative in the coming year.
We had contacted someone about a Peugeot 205 a few years prior so chased that car up to see if it was still about. The car was a well known 205 in Hill climb racing and was one of the fasted CII cars about at the time. It held many records up and down the country since 1990 and some still to this day. After chasing up the owner we organised a day and went up to view. As soon as the garage door went up we were pretty blown away by the build of the car , we had heard it was special and from the limited info we had on the car knew it had been developed by two F1 engineers. We had a long chat and a deal was done at the end , the car was due to be broken for parts so we were pretty pleased we saved it and it lives to race another day.