Weekend report.
-Sat –
The day started early and we were on the road at 6am on way to Worcester. Once at the track the first job was to take car off trailer and load it up with all the tools and kit we would need in the pits. You then drive the car over the field into the pits with all the shit in the back lol. Once we found our shed/space we unloaded all the bits and set the tent up. We then changed wheels over to the slicks and gave the car a once over. We then had to sign on at the office and head back to the car to have all our kit inspected. Helmet / race suit all gets checked and the car before we hit the track. Once all that’s done it’s time to head back to the office to pick a batch number for practice sessions. Due to a joint driver car we have to pick them so we have plenty of time In between for change overs etc. Then it’s coffee time and a short wait before everyone starting warming their engines up for the start of practice.
I was up first so queued up for my batch number with everyone else. As we have raced here before I decided to hit the first run pretty quick , hit turn 1 and 2 flat but took it steady through the esses as it had new Tarmac. The car pulled well and the few changes we made since last year really showed. Next up was Dads run and after a quick chat saying its all good go for it he started to line up. He said hes run went well but lifted for turn 1 and 2 and had a few issues with selecting 3rd again. Before long we were lining up for our 2nd practice which all went well.
So that was the morning sorted and after lunch was the start of our timed runs. (These are the runs that count) So I was up first and lined up the tyres were cold so gave it the big un in the tyre warming area. I started the run well and hit all 2 corners flat and went over the finish with a 36.81. Next up Dad lined the rs up for his first timed run , he went off the line well but missed 3rd gear again so as a result went over the line with a 38.95. We didn’t better our times on the 2nd runs but I ended the day in 3rd but 1st in class. Dad ended the day in 5th and 3rd in our class having just been pipped by Aaron in the pug 106.
The class was merged due to the low numbers so we were up against the mighty Minis. Tomorrow was another day and Dad was keen to better his times and gear changes.