Been a while so I thought I`d put a report up of how things are going with the RS.
Since our shakedown test day at Landow we have been competing at Mira/Gurston Down and Prescot hillclimbs and sprints,first off was Mira a very fast track with speeds reaching nearly 100mph in places the old girl was a bit out paced in our amalgamated class with other cars nearing 280 bhp and way lighter than our Escort,but hey we pressed on doing our best,as Darren was about to take to the track for his first run after dinner break the car suddenly cutout from idle, this is unusual and I knew we had trouble,we tried restarting it about 3 times but it just fizzled out,I could hear a buzzing sound coming from under the dash above the fusebox,in a mad rush with minutes to spare we ripped the board down and found the fuel relay was the problem we removed it and tapped it on the floor reinserted it and bingo away we went lol,this has since been replaced after purchasing another box as a spare,we also suffered from oilsump surge on the last flowing bend that almost had the top end starved of oil,not a fan of this track and I won`t be going back to be honest.After this meet I modded another front bumper and pulled out all the foam and metal backing and attached a different splitter that has the whole front end weighing in so much lighter than the old front bumper setup.
We then had a wait till the 2 dayer at Gurston nr.Sailisbury my favourite track,we set off Friday afternoon in good weather and dually arrived around 5 pm set everything up had a pint each in the club house/restaurant and then headed off for a walk of the track and reccy,we then retired to our hotel and a drive down to a nice pub for the evening and a good meal,was nice to have Darren on the insurance now and he can also pull the trailer as the law has changed now and the full setup is within the weight laws for his licence,we woke on the Saturday to a rotten day with rain sweeping across the plains…uurrrghhhh,I made the call not to use the slicks with the on off rain so we stayed on the triple eights all Saturday but we had knocked 2 seconds off our times from 2012 even in the wet,we ran a respectable 3rd 4th on the day in yet another amalgamated class.Sunday loomed to dry conditions for a change so it was on with the Avon Super soft slicks and some quicker times on the day,car ran superb all weekend apart from a leaking grommet hole on the bulkhead that Darren spotted that was peeing down all over the ecu…sealed on the Saturday. The following weekend was Prescot,I had a week off work in between these 2 meetings and as the steering wheel seemed to be off center I towed the car over to Performance Autoworks to have all the geo setup by Simon…he dialled in some more neg to the front for the fast turns that were looming Saturday.
Race day came,so local to us this place 4 miles up the road from our gaf,so a relaxed start to the day,first practice flagged up a lot of banging from the car on my run and I didn`t like the feel of the car and Darren wasn`t sure either,we got the car up in the air and went through things n the suspension to the front but could see no problems,we pushed on into practice 2 and the car seemed so much better…weird,the steering setup and gearchange mod I had done working well with no missed changes to 5th and a great turn in on the tight technical track Prescot is,after practice someone dropped a 200 metre long snake of oil all up the first part of the track right on the racing line that made things interesting,not chickening out we just pinned it and took a win and second in our class with Darren lifting some nice trophies to boot,great day out to be sure.
Unfortunately we missed the slot for Shelsley Walsh the following week,so much going on for both of us at the moment.
We have now modded the rear bumper,much weight taken out ..foam metal ect and also have raised the rear spoiler,more a cosmetic exercise I spose lol.Next outing is a MLR trackday at Castle Combe where we will be trying out some new compound Carbotech front pads…hence we need to run them in there,we also have Ford Far at Silverstone on a display stand with FordClub then its on to a 2 dayer at Shelsley Walsh.
Will report more at the time.

On board video from the 2 meetings