Well we got the car back from Performance Autoworks 2 weeks ago with everything sorted as the previous post along with some more serious lightening of the car, everything helps in this department as why carry weight when it can be dispensed with, a bit fun in the car park before loading under close scrutiny of Simon to see how many times I might stall it with the new paddle clutch…no chance lol.Car was put back under raps and then the new spacers where fitted to the latest race arb links,we felt a test day had to be setup with the car before we raced so a call was put into Llandow race track down in South Wales for a weekday testing,being msa drivers with licences and full race gear we made arrangments to test on the Friday prior to the bank holiday weekend.

Friday morning came and the weather was good, on loading someone decided to crash into the trailer and smash the offside light cluster to bits so towing on the motorway south suddenly became a non starter,I blasted up to woodside trailers near Andoversford where thankfully they had a setup and it was duly fitted and I called to Gloucester to pick Darren up and we headed off over the Severn Bridge and finally onto Llandow,just one other driver down there so we hastily got the RS out there to find it misfiring and Dar pulled in early,low fuel and crap fuel from 2012 seemed to be causing it,so fresh added and problem over.

Car pulls and accelerates much quicker and really does hold the inside line well,midrange punch has increased and I think alround the car has been transformed by the recent work along with the higher spring rates from Gaz, I think the initial height we have the car at works well with no apparent dipping of the car under downshifts and heavy braking,Race ARB links also doing their job well with no scraping of the inner wings now,we ran the Toyo triple 8`s all day due to the surface down there as I just didn’t want to risk scrubbing the new Avon slicks out preferring to save them for short hill blasts only……You Tube Footage……


I`m in the process of doing another Ash Black deskinned bonnet with all new decals as the old one was looking a bit tired and tatty on the leading edge so popped upto the Midlands to get it along with a spare front Bumper in same colour, always handy to have spares.

The next report will be after Mira..no vids are allowed there as mentioned as its a secret testing location so enjoy the above for now…over and out.