Well here we are at the end of April and we have about 5 weeks till our first meeting at Mira,we now have the Avon slicks fitted to the new 16″ speedlines and after much tinkering with wheel offsets and spacers and also rolling and flaring the arches have them where we want them,yes we bought an arch flarer/roller nice bit of kit now we need to hire it out abit to get the money back lol.I trimmed the arches off with arch saver its a sort of high adhesive moulding to trim the top of the arches off..looks good and tidied it up abit as the rollering process causes paint flaking on the edge of the arch.We are all finished inside the cockpit apart from fitting a push button start ignition setup its all been sprayed up and cleaned with no more needed to be done.Car has now been transported down to Performance Autoworks at Fairford for its final work of 2013..lightweight billet flywheel/racing paddle clutch/Kaaz lsd/racing engine mounts and steering geo including adjustable racing droplinks setup…few more pics of latest things going on