Its been a busy winter with a lot of work done between myself and Darren on the rs2k,where do I start with it all. We pulled all the suspension “Gaz coilovers” off it for a good overhaul and at the same time uprated the springs to suit better cornering for 2013 along with some helper springs to stop the springs dangling about on full extension, I was pretty amazed how diabolical the rear top locating idea is with gaz coilovers for the Escort mk6,just flopping about between the ford oversized rubber locater designed for the standard spring, we modded some b&g coilover top mounts and slid them on all Darrens work and now I`m happy the springs will stay in the right location.

We decided on more weight saving, its always a good thing and cheap to do, so finally the headlight setup was ditched along with rear lighting and all the indicator setup, blanks were fashioned into place at the front and everything sprayed up in the ash black along with quite a bit of the wiring loom, we also installed a better air intake to a lower position in the front bumper feeding the 2nd air box snorkel. Not stopping there we also did another mod with the dash board by chopping it in half and taking all the heater garbage out with a complete mod of the dash insert, the dash was then sent off to for Lee to do his magic on what was left with a relocation of the gauges and along with ditching the stalks on the steering column it all now looks so much neater and more weight saved.

We always planned on going over to 16″ wheels for 2013 so we have put this in place and bought a brand new set of Speedline Corse flow formed racing wheels, these fit perfect to the hub bore of the escort so no fiddly spigot rings although I could only source these in 42 et offset so we will be running 3mm spacers to bring them out in the arches a bit. At the time of writing I am just in the process of ordering up the super soft Avon slicks that hopefully will last the joint drives on the hills as these only last 2 to 3 mins before over heating, for sprints we will be using the toyo 888`s in 17″ we used last year.

We are also going over to a dished new steering wheel so we can push the column back into the dash for more strength, to be fair this wheel was way old as coming from Darren’s Evo 5 and was getting to the stage of looking polished lol.

On ditching all the ford heating and blower system we have added a floor fed system to keep us cool in the summer, air being fed from passenger side aiming up under our crash lids ,it does get so hot in the cockpit in the sun waiting around for your start with much door waving involved.

I`ve purchased a new rear spoiler but at the moment I`m undecided weather to fit it,all will be revealed if I do,no other airo kit has been added at this time.

The exhaust has had a bit of weight saving gone about it with a rather clever design by Darren, we now run a side exit system through the nearside of the car, old rear bumper carboned over.

Graffix have been altered to come into line for our sponsors, with all non affiliated being ditched.

Some pics latest~~