Hope everyone had a good xmas and hope you will have a cracking new year.Some updates to the RS hillclimber to report,we bought in a 2nd mongoose stainless exhaust system and Darren nailed up some plans for a side exit setup after some fabrication work with hangers and 45 degree exits we finally had it fitted at the same time we changed the shifting system back to standard from the quickshifter due to many mis shifts and plonking into 5th that cost one of us the win at Prescot in 2012,hopefully it will be fruitfull for us in 2013,its a bit wider but already feels better.

We wipped off the rear brakes to sort out the crap handbrake and find the self adjusters were wound in so thats something else that was sorted as at one stage I thought the cables had stretched as the first cable feeding the 2 rears had run out of adjustment,now all seems well,so no marshalls will get half run over at the holding compounds this year lol.

A small carbon blank was fitted over the old exhaust exit to the rear bumper to tidy that up,finally a weigh in on the dispense of the over beam and back box reaped 9kg,I like weight saving.

We now have many items from the rs2k we wish to sell on,if you are interested in any parts fire me an email over and we`ll talk prices

2 parts from mongoose exhaust system stainless…center part and rear part…no s bend and over the beam part

Bonnet mk6 with mk5 humps grafted on in Ash Black slight crack

Rear mk6 hatch with wrc twin wing all grafted in and smooth number plate recess “no glass”

Mk5/6 exhaust manifold 2wd non aircon de aps`ed and heat rapped and ported

mk5/6 decat

mk5/6 cat

mk6 race seat mount and side mounts “drivers side” direct fitment to ex.floorpan holes

Over steering wheel guage pod

mk5/6 iscv reconditioned

morrette headlights off hillclimber with carbon blank and coz indicators all lenses

full set of 17″ alloys with 205/40/17 tyres and new spare tyre..yokohamas x3

All parts pictures on request

Short vid of 2nd startup since sept 2012,slight overfuel with new side exit~