Darren summed up the day at Prescott and congrats to him for walking away with a 2nd place trophy,hmm me I just bummed the gears…grrrrr and ended up with a time 2 seconds down on my last pactice run of Saturday,it was an eye opener tho to be honest, as there are some tight bends at Prescott and we both had the RS on 3 wheels on the Semi Circle at the top of the climb

RsCombe was wet, very wet last Saturday,but heyho off we set at 6.00 am from a dry Cheltenham.On arrival at Combe it was slashing down…great start but we did the noise testing and signed on and had the boring breifing lol,then off Dar went sliding around like a jetski lol…on return he said f..k its greasy out there so the car stayed put for an hour while breakfast was had yum yum.Dar said get yer ass out there dad…so I did …and enjoyed the delights of sliding around on Toyo 888`s much fun was had and to be honest I was sorry to come in .

As the day went on it was apparent that the RS2K had finally been sorted for cornering with no hint of fuel starvation,just we ran short on fuel in the old jerri tanks and Dar went out for a fianal session around the 4.14 pm mark that was dry as a bone and had fun with a supercharged pug doing 270 bhp..that and the RS2K were the fastest cars on track…leaving Cozzis in there wake.

Can report the car being Superb,engine and handling wise at these 2 venues and now we look forwards to the next Midland Speed round…prolly Gurston Down or Shelsley Walsh…must get booking.

RSCombe in the Monsoon

And a monsoon Prescott Hill Climb

Drying by Afternoon

Video of prescott RS2K Run ” Saturday ” here ~ http://youtu.be/L0icnQVeGs0