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The Jedamotorsport Hillclimber

1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

Joint MSA Drivers~Jeff B/Darren B

Sponsored by Performance Autoworks/Opie Oils/Karparts of Cheltenham

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motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 21:04:51

New pedal setup,but throttle pedal now much narrower than this pics

How the bay is for 2012.

2013 will no doubt see motec management and jenveys as we have found quite close by a perfect solution and resolve who will in-house turn key and rolling road for us.

latest pics

motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 20:57:21

Quick release front for ease of loading to trailer

Latest 16″ rims

small mods

motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 18:59:28

Into June we go,Over the last couple of weeks I`ve done a few more mods to the RS including taking the angle grinder to the hatch,we,ve cut as much as we dare away including all the locking ect and installed bonnet pins to hold the hatch down,it still retains its cat 1 security though.The front splitter now has end plates and a bit of carbon trickery to try and add some more down force,also I have stripped more redundant wiring and switches from the gear stick area to clean that area of garbage.I`ve fitting some alloy pedals and removed the rubber ones for added grip to the racing boots as it just felt awkward on the feet,a small adjustment to the loud pedal was performed due to it being too wide so its now a skinny affair but also in alloy.We have now decided to go over to 16″ alloys to lower the gearing a tad and are in the process of obtaining Avon slicks to get us off the line quicker at the same time,17,s are just to big for hillclimbing so we now have 3 sets of alloys with a choice of monsoon/wet dry/dry to come,the other tyres are toyo tripple eights and yokohamas.The 16″ alloys were sourced from a guy down in Wiltshire who refurbs alloys,we now have some pristine escoz lookalikes from a mondy in Black not sure how they will look but hey we have them now.

Not much more to report at this time apart from odd bits of carbon being added here and there where we can put it.

As always there are plenty of pics that have been added to facebook over on our Jedamotorsport page.From myself or Darren.

Now I`m itching to get the car back on track….over and out for now