Backup MSA logbook pic,hence number plate fitted

Santa Pod Raceway testing the RS2K

We switched testing venues on pricing and days lost at work as we both don`t get paid for non working days,it was origanally planned to do a full day at Hullavington Airfield on the 20th April but a switch in venue was very fruitfull.

Started a wet day on the outbound journey from Cheltenham,but by the time we got to Oxford it was dry and sunny,so high hopes for a good day..we were not disaapointed..nice sunny warm day greeted us at the Pod,payup and lets get ripping,Darren layed down the gauntlet with the car running well on early runs,then she started showing slower times???

We pitched her up and discovered that the 2nd air snorkle had came adrift and the main 90mm intake pipe to the Mustang Throttle body had split all the way round.A quick sprint to the pod shop on site for super glue and we were back in action,times started tumbling,then Darren set the fasted time of the day 14.8 at 92 mph,not bad for a car with no internal mods.

Car ran faultless all day,only missfires we had was me hitting the limiter now and again,we did back to back runs all day with a break for dinner.

Ok so another early start today “Sunday” as I had the local scruiteneer “Martin Ford” bloody nice bloke coming round to look over the RS2K,after an hour of checking her over I have the green light to compete,some very good advise off Martin and a few pointers…not all these guys are scarey,couple of little jobs to sort..hours work tops.

We now have a temp logbook that enables us to compete in hillclimbing and sprinting within the MSA framework.

First MSA competetion…TBA……update Prescott Sat 23 & Sun 24 June 2012