Times flying by and here we are in April,we have entered into the Midland Speed Championship as it seems well suited to what we wanted to enter this will include hillclimbing and sprinting,car is 100% ready to go,just needing msa log booking I`ll be sourcing an MSA Scuiteneer at Prescott next week for this.I now have all my gear for racing now after buying a suit at Merlin the other week.

We have removed the inner lamps to the morette headlights and blanked the one and used the other as a 2nd snorkle feed for the airbox,car has had a major cleanup and shine,she came up really nice and shiney as always,new rollcage padding has also been added

Plans are to take the car down to Hullavington at the end of April for a shake down trackday,then as far as I can see the first sprint will be MIRA in May.

Just a note that we also are on Facebook under the Jedamotorsport banner where more will be posted throughout the season.