As we are nearing the end of Feb I thought a small update would be in order.

We have progressed on with the RS,floor has been primered and then had a few coats of the Ash Black,looks pretty nice and its defo smarter in there without all those pads all over the place,we have replaced the dash with altered angles to the oil pressure and temperature guages so we can actually see them now.The srivers seat “the only one now” is much lower and between me and Darrren we have come to a position to suit us both,we also sorted out the steering wheel nearer to the driver and darren sorted the clamping issue out at the same time.

More redundant wiring has been stripped,ie:air bag and seat pretentioner “yellow” wiring also footwell lighting has been removed for good.This enabled me to tidy up the mess round the seat,now looking tidy.

Alloy plate over old spare wheel well “now home to the sytec race pump and alloy swirl tank” is in the process of being sprayed then will be sealed using panel seam sealer.

Later in the week the exhaust system needs stripping off and all the joins sealing as most have broken down from track use,then we are removing the inner lamps from the morettes headlights,more weight saving and using the nearside for induction purposes after a reposition of the oil catch tank down behing the quick release front bumper.Then scrub the Toyo 888`s off and refit then scruiteneer time ,lets get her MSA logbooked.

Also have to squeeze a visit into Merlin Motorsport to pick up my racing suit,think Darren also wants some under fireproof clothing so thats gotto be done Saturday.

We are also on the lookout for somewhere to try the car out “a few 0 to 60`s” to check the fuel system is 100% before forking out for a shakedown in April at Hullavington Airfield.

Just a footnote we have both joined up with the Bugatti Club at Prescott and will be racing there all being well in Late April as our first meeting.