At this present time the RS2K is in the workshops of Performance Autoworks of Fairford,this is to address the fuel surge problem and weld in some seat mounts.

We are having the usual 2 bars welded across from the tunnel to inner sills and I`ve delivered some custom made alloy seat mounts over to Simon that will save us some more weight,the old seat setup was 7.5 kg,now thats way so heavy~now gone for ever.

As we had the bars welded in the old front cross bracing that held the origanal seat in has been drilled out~more weight saving.

As for the new swirl pot and sytec pump well thats now going into the spare wheel well and being alloyed over,think Simon came up with a nice pot to sit in there nice and snug.

Need to find myself a race suit fairly quickly now as time is flying by,I have everything else,Darren is kitted out fully so apart from some odd posts here we will post on our days on the hills