As I have time on my hands I`m dragging th RS out of mothballs and making a start on some 2012 mods,One crap job I need out the way is the sound dead pads removal,fire extinguisher needs fitting and a better inside seatbelt mount,to get it off the seat mount.

Well started today right crap job removing the tar pads,really needed dry ice but hey thats life,relocated the seat belt anchor through the floor skin with a sturdy plate the other side

Well all the pads are now out with a near to 7kg in weight saving and also the car will now be a bit safer in the instant of fire.Need a bit of a respray in the cabin now to tidy things up,well a driver needs some comfort even if just blatting up a hill.

Darren purchased a new 1lt oil catch tank for her as our existing one was under size for MSA hillclimb regs,space is tight so he`s gone for a cylindrical one like our existing one just to make installing it easy.

Floor pan,one side,just need spiriting off