Well as 2011 slowly draws to a end “racing and track for me” I will have the RS2K at Rally Day,on show only with the Welsh Ford crew up on Quarry corner banking.

Thats Castlecombe on the 17th Sept 2011

The car will then undergo some major changes over the layoff period.Including,alloy fuel tank,swirl pot, 2 new pumps/remove and blank spare wheel well/all floor and panel sound deadoning removed/half dash mod and flocking with guages relocated for better angles/lower drivers seat/wrc hatch with twin wing/quick release front bumper to name a few things in readiness for 2012 and msa log booking and funds permitting Hillclimbing and sprints.

To end this little post heres my new grand daughter,now some day she will be driving track if Dar has anything to do with it lol~