Well this day has been and gone,had a great day,one bit of a rain around 1.00 pm then the sun shone the rest if the afternoon.We got some good track time, feedback from Darren was that the car is dialed in well for a fwd car with good handling on the corners.Car did not shame its self in anyway and was keeping up with some fast machinery out there in the 400 BHP region.We fitted a new set of wheel nuts just to be on the safe side early in the morning and we suffered no wheel shake all day~so thats one problem nailed.

We drove alone and also doubled up between us and she handled well 1 up or 2 up.

We suffered from fuel surge most of the day on the fast bends,more under Darrens driving as he is alot faster than me,so an alloy in car fuel tank and swirl pot will be sorted for 2012.Some more weight saving.

Welcome aboard Darren..nice tidy driving today.Seeing as you havent driven an RS2K for Donkeys years lol.

Pics of Darren B at the helm..

Video of Darren B driving