Viewed a video the other day and was on the edge of the seat watching it…awesum driving so close,what a driver,driven Combe a few times here over the last few years and been passenger in Dazers old Evo 5 at trackdays but this was close stuff.

Well my RS2K build goes on,just getting her sorted for RSCombe 2011 as my own work goes into overdrive here now for a few months,electrical work is a bit thin on the ground so seem to be doing more building maintenance sort of stuff,Secured a 12 week subcontract so a bit more happy now.

Here we are in June,where has the year gone?I just never got off the ground with the hillclimbing this year,shame really as I just didn`t have the ready cash at the begining of the year to plough into it.

Hopefully 2012 will be a better year as the car is now built up to where I want it to be.As always its still for sale @ £3600 as other projects will take over and proceed it.

Do come over for a chat at RSCombe if you are there.