As some of the bods here know I used to build computers as part of my business,mainly desktops gaming rigs,top o` the range stuff,never really been into laptop fiddling,but after having a quote local for £130 to £150 to replace the dc input jack on my work come relaxing laptop I thought nah…its gonna be teared apart lol.

So out in the sun on the patio under the decking brolly on the big table I pulled the mother apart,seemed like 2 million pieces all over the place and enough screws to hold a house together,I nailed down to just the motherboard in my hands and the burn`t unsoldered dc input jack.Piece of piss,gulp look at all those parts on the table …..eyes wide open,new part installed an extended cable to an external jack…1 hour later it was all back together and worked 1st time no problems.

Hmmm laptops…….easy peazey. £130 they were having a larf..cost me…err nothing just a nice afternoon in the sun.

Yes this is the said culprit,working 100% typing this..smiley