Most the updates here are on the Evo 5 . Dads Rs2000 is all ready to roll for its next day out on the 21st. But ive been abit busy getting little planned jobs out the way before the 21st.(MLR Trackday at Castle Combe)

Managed to pick up a set of XP10 pads for my Ap 6pots in the for sale section on the MLR one night brand new £100. After all the threads ive read on the xp range I was keen to find out what they were like. Well wasnt disapointed Amazing pads which can only get better with more bedding in!

Brake cooling
Always wanted to sort this out on my car.. On the evo 5 there are ducts from the bottom of each side of bumper that sort of face the calipers/discs. I used the std ducts and reworked the end to a 2″ tube.. This then fitted to my air feed pipe a treat with abit of routing along lower arm to face the centre of disc.. I will get some pics once all done But I hope to notice a difference when out on track.