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I missed the Ajec Session

motorsport Posted on Sat, February 06, 2010 23:12:43

Well Darren got there early like he always does to all the motorsport lol,me I was still in bed having a saturday morning kip in lol.

He went on the rollers ahead of everyone else.Think the results were what we expected,nice to see the torque up a bit,not too worried about the bhp pretty errelivent as even a loose tiedown will loose you 20 bhp.

Nice pics there Daz grfx look good in the daylight,see Russ was doing the cockpit today,nice one Russ,the man with the serious face lol.


Ajec Rolling road

motorsport Posted on Sat, February 06, 2010 20:31:55

Great day up Ajec today for there MLR day results were up from last year abit more torque at 340ibft and a 5hp drop from the 350hp i had which is neither here or there lol Fueling spot on though and no det as i was on the lappy in the car checking.. Roll on the track days now!!