After installing my new seats and harnesses I was concerned at the angle of the harnesses at the back which lead down to the fixing points after reading a few install sites.

It states that a max angle of 20 degrees to a fixing point should be achieved. All info here thanks to Clivew for the link

So I started to look into a Harness bars that would raise the angle from the above pic.
There are a few traders that sell these AMS – Sparco etc but there all around the £400 mark which is abit ott for a bar. The one I went for was from a trader in the USA these bars look almost the same as the sparco bars without the lable :smthumbup you can get one delivered for £160 with a 5 day turn around.

Installation was very easy it came with all the bolts etc maybe a 30min job all in. Dont look too bad they do lots of colours too and it can also be used as a handy fixing point for a cam for track days.:coolsm:

Also note the harnesses, these were threaded the correct way as stated by schroth and many other harness traders. Mess this up and from a fast off the belts could loosen from the force of your body. Saftey first as they say and all the info you could need is from that above link.. I have seen a few pictures of users fixing the harnesses to the bar. But they are not designed for that and id rather use the std fixing points:smthumbup