As I mainly track my car and do the odd local sprint it was a must to go for some better seats.. The standard seats in mine had a retrim when I bought the car and was abit slippery on hard corners.After a trip to Merlin Motorsport at Castle combe they have a small seat room with all the bucket seats out to try.Never buy on looks just have to try them out first learnt this the hard way once. The one I went for in the end was the Cobra Evo Pro an amazing seat with higher sides than the others. The others I tried all looked good but had the feeling that I was sat on top of them rather than sat in the seat.. So that was that..

On to fitting..

Now ive read most the comments on here as to what to do and even “Recommendations” from traders trying to sell me something that only fits an Evo 7 the 4/5/6 and 7/8/9 all have different floor fittings.
Anyway all old seats out and the fittings starts

I opted for the fixed position for my seat as im the only driver..
OMP do a fixed frame which I bought and low side mounts to fit to my seat.
Onto some pics..

The OMP frame all lines up ok and bolted down.

Frame all in and side mounts fitted with suitble bolts.
Had the seat in on low setting first but this was still too high so a new hole was made which made the seat just right for me..Had to trim side buckel slot for harness also.

And that was it seat all in..

While I was at it stripped a few bits from the back..Did think about the whole carpet out ect but didnt go for it in the end due to security.

All done for today harness on its way and a few more bits to remove.

Will pick up another seat soon. But there not cheap.