Sorry for the late update dam Virgin internet!

Well last week I had my new ACT clutch and fly wheel fitted by Simon at Performance Autoworks. The box was also changed for a RS spec box. I had a new RS steering rack fitted aswell while it was all out.

We got the car back on Thursday in time for Saturdays MLR Track day at Castle combe. Saturday soon came and what a wet day it was. The track was wet all day but the car did really well. The R888 did well in the wet with a few warm up laps to start and the gearbox was great and well specced for track work.The power was there from every gear change unlike the GSR box.

We went out alot on track but with alot of red flags and a lunch break it soon came to an end. It was just a shame it wasnt dry. But was still great to get to know what the car went like with its new kit and the the R888..

So a big thanks go to jj multiservices for all the help over the weekend 🙂

Sunday I made a trip down to Ajec for a run on the rollers and was very pleased with the power she made all this was at 1.4Bar 351hp and 335Ibft.

Next track time for the Evo is RallyDay at Castle Combe.