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1995 Ford Escort RS2000MK6

Joint MSA Drivers~Jeff B/Darren B

Sponsored by Performance Autoworks/Opie Oils/Karparts of Cheltenham

New Car

motorsport Posted on Wed, March 11, 2015 22:46:00

Having owned the Escort RS2000 for over 10Yrs recently we started to get bored of the car. We had spent many years changing part and making it into a trackday car and then a Msa log booked hill climb car. After the last Midland round at Prescott hill climb in 2014 we both decided it was time to move it on and we sold the car in November of that year.
We were keen to buy something light weight for the 2015 season as the Escort was very heavy even with all the fibreglass parts we had fitted. So something below 800kg was needed to be competative in the coming year.
We had contacted someone about a Peugeot 205 a few years prior so chased that car up to see if it was still about. The car was a well known 205 in Hill climb racing and was one of the fasted CII cars about at the time. It held many records up and down the country since 1990 and some still to this day. After chasing up the owner we organised a day and went up to view. As soon as the garage door went up we were pretty blown away by the build of the car , we had heard it was special and from the limited info we had on the car knew it had been developed by two F1 engineers. We had a long chat and a deal was done at the end , the car was due to be broken for parts so we were pretty pleased we saved it and it lives to race another day.

22/9/13 Shelsley Walsh

motorsport Posted on Sat, September 28, 2013 22:00:30

Weekend Report
A not so early start was required for today as the car was already at the track so we set off around 7am. We got up the track in an hour and started to change into the race gear. Dad got in a panic as he lost his wallet but after a run over to the van we found it in the cool box in the car. pmsl. Anyway after that mad 10mins we set off to the office to sign on and get ready to have the car and kit checked over all again. We then picked the same batch numbers for practice as Saturday as this worked well with the joint driver situation. So first up again was me track was a bit greasy through the esses but all went well with a time of 37.28. Next up was Dad and I hung around the start line to hear if he hit 3rd gear on his run. He set off well hit the first 2 corners flat and got 3rd gear too and hit a time of 37.65.
So onto the 2nd practice runs on my run I decided to try and hit the esses flat out which worked with a time of 35.72 so quicker than my fastest time on Saturday. Dad was up next and he said he had cracked 3rd gear change he also hit the esses almost flat through out it and hit a time of 36.68 and was well chuffed to get into the 36s as last year he could only get into the 39s.
It was now lunch time and we set out checking the car over and fixing a few items that’s had come loose. Along with some banter with the other guys in our class. Before we knew it the meeting was under way again and the first guys were starting to line up. I was pretty sure I could make more time up through the esses so decided to go for it. I made a good start turn 1 and 2 flat and went into the esses hot !! I came out the other end and just touched the mud bank but that didn’t kill my speed as I still had it full throttle lol. Flew over the line with a time of 35.58 my quickest time yet. But dam that was close to the bank at silly speed lol.
Dad was up next he was keen to better his time but could only manage a time of 37.14. I later found out he was going into 4th towards the esses so told him to keep it in 3rd !
My last run of the day I knew I had to make the esses more tidier and not hit the bank. I got off the line well with a low 2.5 64ft hit the first corners flat and headed up to the esses flat in 3rd. I got hard on the brakes into 2nd and turned in a little later to get me more over to the left I swung it back missing the classic drain cover ! And come out middle of the track fast and blasted it over the line to hit 35.19 my pb at shelsley Walsh.
Dad was next and he wanted to get back into the 36s and was well pumped ! He got off the line well hit the first 2 corners flat and into 3rd up towards the esses not changing into 4th. He flew through the esses and out over the line with a 36.47 also his pb at shelsley Walsh. So final results I had another 3rd overall and 1st in class.
Dad managed 5th overall and 2nd in class. With Arron in 3rd in the pug 106 and Rod 4th in the racing puma. It was a fantastic weekend of racing which we really enjoyed , Dad beat his time from last year by 3 seconds and me by 2 seconds which is a great achievement. We haven’t upped the power but have mainly concentrated on the handling this year which as the results show have really worked.

Shelsley Walsh 21/9/13

motorsport Posted on Sat, September 28, 2013 21:58:49

Weekend report.
-Sat –
The day started early and we were on the road at 6am on way to Worcester. Once at the track the first job was to take car off trailer and load it up with all the tools and kit we would need in the pits. You then drive the car over the field into the pits with all the shit in the back lol. Once we found our shed/space we unloaded all the bits and set the tent up. We then changed wheels over to the slicks and gave the car a once over. We then had to sign on at the office and head back to the car to have all our kit inspected. Helmet / race suit all gets checked and the car before we hit the track. Once all that’s done it’s time to head back to the office to pick a batch number for practice sessions. Due to a joint driver car we have to pick them so we have plenty of time In between for change overs etc. Then it’s coffee time and a short wait before everyone starting warming their engines up for the start of practice.
I was up first so queued up for my batch number with everyone else. As we have raced here before I decided to hit the first run pretty quick , hit turn 1 and 2 flat but took it steady through the esses as it had new Tarmac. The car pulled well and the few changes we made since last year really showed. Next up was Dads run and after a quick chat saying its all good go for it he started to line up. He said hes run went well but lifted for turn 1 and 2 and had a few issues with selecting 3rd again. Before long we were lining up for our 2nd practice which all went well.
So that was the morning sorted and after lunch was the start of our timed runs. (These are the runs that count) So I was up first and lined up the tyres were cold so gave it the big un in the tyre warming area. I started the run well and hit all 2 corners flat and went over the finish with a 36.81. Next up Dad lined the rs up for his first timed run , he went off the line well but missed 3rd gear again so as a result went over the line with a 38.95. We didn’t better our times on the 2nd runs but I ended the day in 3rd but 1st in class. Dad ended the day in 5th and 3rd in our class having just been pipped by Aaron in the pug 106.
The class was merged due to the low numbers so we were up against the mighty Minis. Tomorrow was another day and Dad was keen to better his times and gear changes.

Mid Summer Report

motorsport Posted on Thu, July 18, 2013 22:32:35

Been a while so I thought I`d put a report up of how things are going with the RS.
Since our shakedown test day at Landow we have been competing at Mira/Gurston Down and Prescot hillclimbs and sprints,first off was Mira a very fast track with speeds reaching nearly 100mph in places the old girl was a bit out paced in our amalgamated class with other cars nearing 280 bhp and way lighter than our Escort,but hey we pressed on doing our best,as Darren was about to take to the track for his first run after dinner break the car suddenly cutout from idle, this is unusual and I knew we had trouble,we tried restarting it about 3 times but it just fizzled out,I could hear a buzzing sound coming from under the dash above the fusebox,in a mad rush with minutes to spare we ripped the board down and found the fuel relay was the problem we removed it and tapped it on the floor reinserted it and bingo away we went lol,this has since been replaced after purchasing another box as a spare,we also suffered from oilsump surge on the last flowing bend that almost had the top end starved of oil,not a fan of this track and I won`t be going back to be honest.After this meet I modded another front bumper and pulled out all the foam and metal backing and attached a different splitter that has the whole front end weighing in so much lighter than the old front bumper setup.
We then had a wait till the 2 dayer at Gurston nr.Sailisbury my favourite track,we set off Friday afternoon in good weather and dually arrived around 5 pm set everything up had a pint each in the club house/restaurant and then headed off for a walk of the track and reccy,we then retired to our hotel and a drive down to a nice pub for the evening and a good meal,was nice to have Darren on the insurance now and he can also pull the trailer as the law has changed now and the full setup is within the weight laws for his licence,we woke on the Saturday to a rotten day with rain sweeping across the plains…uurrrghhhh,I made the call not to use the slicks with the on off rain so we stayed on the triple eights all Saturday but we had knocked 2 seconds off our times from 2012 even in the wet,we ran a respectable 3rd 4th on the day in yet another amalgamated class.Sunday loomed to dry conditions for a change so it was on with the Avon Super soft slicks and some quicker times on the day,car ran superb all weekend apart from a leaking grommet hole on the bulkhead that Darren spotted that was peeing down all over the ecu…sealed on the Saturday. The following weekend was Prescot,I had a week off work in between these 2 meetings and as the steering wheel seemed to be off center I towed the car over to Performance Autoworks to have all the geo setup by Simon…he dialled in some more neg to the front for the fast turns that were looming Saturday.
Race day came,so local to us this place 4 miles up the road from our gaf,so a relaxed start to the day,first practice flagged up a lot of banging from the car on my run and I didn`t like the feel of the car and Darren wasn`t sure either,we got the car up in the air and went through things n the suspension to the front but could see no problems,we pushed on into practice 2 and the car seemed so much better…weird,the steering setup and gearchange mod I had done working well with no missed changes to 5th and a great turn in on the tight technical track Prescot is,after practice someone dropped a 200 metre long snake of oil all up the first part of the track right on the racing line that made things interesting,not chickening out we just pinned it and took a win and second in our class with Darren lifting some nice trophies to boot,great day out to be sure.
Unfortunately we missed the slot for Shelsley Walsh the following week,so much going on for both of us at the moment.
We have now modded the rear bumper,much weight taken out ..foam metal ect and also have raised the rear spoiler,more a cosmetic exercise I spose lol.Next outing is a MLR trackday at Castle Combe where we will be trying out some new compound Carbotech front pads…hence we need to run them in there,we also have Ford Far at Silverstone on a display stand with FordClub then its on to a 2 dayer at Shelsley Walsh.
Will report more at the time.

On board video from the 2 meetings

RS back and testday

motorsport Posted on Tue, May 07, 2013 23:57:17

Well we got the car back from Performance Autoworks 2 weeks ago with everything sorted as the previous post along with some more serious lightening of the car, everything helps in this department as why carry weight when it can be dispensed with, a bit fun in the car park before loading under close scrutiny of Simon to see how many times I might stall it with the new paddle clutch…no chance lol.Car was put back under raps and then the new spacers where fitted to the latest race arb links,we felt a test day had to be setup with the car before we raced so a call was put into Llandow race track down in South Wales for a weekday testing,being msa drivers with licences and full race gear we made arrangments to test on the Friday prior to the bank holiday weekend.

Friday morning came and the weather was good, on loading someone decided to crash into the trailer and smash the offside light cluster to bits so towing on the motorway south suddenly became a non starter,I blasted up to woodside trailers near Andoversford where thankfully they had a setup and it was duly fitted and I called to Gloucester to pick Darren up and we headed off over the Severn Bridge and finally onto Llandow,just one other driver down there so we hastily got the RS out there to find it misfiring and Dar pulled in early,low fuel and crap fuel from 2012 seemed to be causing it,so fresh added and problem over.

Car pulls and accelerates much quicker and really does hold the inside line well,midrange punch has increased and I think alround the car has been transformed by the recent work along with the higher spring rates from Gaz, I think the initial height we have the car at works well with no apparent dipping of the car under downshifts and heavy braking,Race ARB links also doing their job well with no scraping of the inner wings now,we ran the Toyo triple 8`s all day due to the surface down there as I just didn’t want to risk scrubbing the new Avon slicks out preferring to save them for short hill blasts only……You Tube Footage……

I`m in the process of doing another Ash Black deskinned bonnet with all new decals as the old one was looking a bit tired and tatty on the leading edge so popped upto the Midlands to get it along with a spare front Bumper in same colour, always handy to have spares.

The next report will be after vids are allowed there as mentioned as its a secret testing location so enjoy the above for now…over and out.

5 weeks to go

motorsport Posted on Sun, April 21, 2013 20:45:58

Well here we are at the end of April and we have about 5 weeks till our first meeting at Mira,we now have the Avon slicks fitted to the new 16″ speedlines and after much tinkering with wheel offsets and spacers and also rolling and flaring the arches have them where we want them,yes we bought an arch flarer/roller nice bit of kit now we need to hire it out abit to get the money back lol.I trimmed the arches off with arch saver its a sort of high adhesive moulding to trim the top of the arches off..looks good and tidied it up abit as the rollering process causes paint flaking on the edge of the arch.We are all finished inside the cockpit apart from fitting a push button start ignition setup its all been sprayed up and cleaned with no more needed to be done.Car has now been transported down to Performance Autoworks at Fairford for its final work of 2013..lightweight billet flywheel/racing paddle clutch/Kaaz lsd/racing engine mounts and steering geo including adjustable racing droplinks setup…few more pics of latest things going on

Racedays are Looming

motorsport Posted on Wed, April 03, 2013 21:54:47

Its been a busy winter with a lot of work done between myself and Darren on the rs2k,where do I start with it all. We pulled all the suspension “Gaz coilovers” off it for a good overhaul and at the same time uprated the springs to suit better cornering for 2013 along with some helper springs to stop the springs dangling about on full extension, I was pretty amazed how diabolical the rear top locating idea is with gaz coilovers for the Escort mk6,just flopping about between the ford oversized rubber locater designed for the standard spring, we modded some b&g coilover top mounts and slid them on all Darrens work and now I`m happy the springs will stay in the right location.

We decided on more weight saving, its always a good thing and cheap to do, so finally the headlight setup was ditched along with rear lighting and all the indicator setup, blanks were fashioned into place at the front and everything sprayed up in the ash black along with quite a bit of the wiring loom, we also installed a better air intake to a lower position in the front bumper feeding the 2nd air box snorkel. Not stopping there we also did another mod with the dash board by chopping it in half and taking all the heater garbage out with a complete mod of the dash insert, the dash was then sent off to for Lee to do his magic on what was left with a relocation of the gauges and along with ditching the stalks on the steering column it all now looks so much neater and more weight saved.

We always planned on going over to 16″ wheels for 2013 so we have put this in place and bought a brand new set of Speedline Corse flow formed racing wheels, these fit perfect to the hub bore of the escort so no fiddly spigot rings although I could only source these in 42 et offset so we will be running 3mm spacers to bring them out in the arches a bit. At the time of writing I am just in the process of ordering up the super soft Avon slicks that hopefully will last the joint drives on the hills as these only last 2 to 3 mins before over heating, for sprints we will be using the toyo 888`s in 17″ we used last year.

We are also going over to a dished new steering wheel so we can push the column back into the dash for more strength, to be fair this wheel was way old as coming from Darren’s Evo 5 and was getting to the stage of looking polished lol.

On ditching all the ford heating and blower system we have added a floor fed system to keep us cool in the summer, air being fed from passenger side aiming up under our crash lids ,it does get so hot in the cockpit in the sun waiting around for your start with much door waving involved.

I`ve purchased a new rear spoiler but at the moment I`m undecided weather to fit it,all will be revealed if I do,no other airo kit has been added at this time.

The exhaust has had a bit of weight saving gone about it with a rather clever design by Darren, we now run a side exit system through the nearside of the car, old rear bumper carboned over.

Graffix have been altered to come into line for our sponsors, with all non affiliated being ditched.

Some pics latest~~

New Sponsors

motorsport Posted on Tue, January 29, 2013 20:47:25

Darren has been working away to obtain sponsors for our 2013 campaign,its always nice to have outside help from people within motorsport circles and the like.

So Jedamotorsport would like to welcome the following who are sponsoring our 2013 Hill climb car.

Performance Autoworks

Telephone :01285 711 733

Unit 13
Horcott Industrial Estate
Horcott Road

Karparts of Cheltenham

70 Tennyson Road,
GL51 7DB

01242 572638

Opie Oils

Telephone:01209 202944 – Customer Services
01209 202944 – Sales & Advice Hotline
01209 202949 – All other enquiries

The Fuel Depot
Cardrew Way
Cardrew Industrial Estate
TR15 1SS


Tel – 07528 151047

Email –

Website –

Many thanks to all and we look forward to working with you through the coming season..

jan 2013

motorsport Posted on Mon, January 07, 2013 20:13:01

Hope everyone had a good xmas and hope you will have a cracking new year.Some updates to the RS hillclimber to report,we bought in a 2nd mongoose stainless exhaust system and Darren nailed up some plans for a side exit setup after some fabrication work with hangers and 45 degree exits we finally had it fitted at the same time we changed the shifting system back to standard from the quickshifter due to many mis shifts and plonking into 5th that cost one of us the win at Prescot in 2012,hopefully it will be fruitfull for us in 2013,its a bit wider but already feels better.

We wipped off the rear brakes to sort out the crap handbrake and find the self adjusters were wound in so thats something else that was sorted as at one stage I thought the cables had stretched as the first cable feeding the 2 rears had run out of adjustment,now all seems well,so no marshalls will get half run over at the holding compounds this year lol.

A small carbon blank was fitted over the old exhaust exit to the rear bumper to tidy that up,finally a weigh in on the dispense of the over beam and back box reaped 9kg,I like weight saving.

We now have many items from the rs2k we wish to sell on,if you are interested in any parts fire me an email over and we`ll talk prices

2 parts from mongoose exhaust system stainless…center part and rear part…no s bend and over the beam part

Bonnet mk6 with mk5 humps grafted on in Ash Black slight crack

Rear mk6 hatch with wrc twin wing all grafted in and smooth number plate recess “no glass”

Mk5/6 exhaust manifold 2wd non aircon de aps`ed and heat rapped and ported

mk5/6 decat

mk5/6 cat

mk6 race seat mount and side mounts “drivers side” direct fitment to ex.floorpan holes

Over steering wheel guage pod

mk5/6 iscv reconditioned

morrette headlights off hillclimber with carbon blank and coz indicators all lenses

full set of 17″ alloys with 205/40/17 tyres and new spare tyre..yokohamas x3

All parts pictures on request

Short vid of 2nd startup since sept 2012,slight overfuel with new side exit~

Hillclimb Report~Shelsley Walsh

motorsport Posted on Sun, September 23, 2012 17:05:23

Great day yesterday,brilliant weather and another 1/2 for Jedamotorspor in our class,it was pretty moist on the track earlier on in the practice runs with car slipping sideways in the esses which resulted in crap times.Summing it al up Shelly is a great track that we will come back to next year for sure.

The lay off period now starts as this was our last meeting of the year with quite a few mods planned from now untill March 2012 watch this space.

Hillclimb report~Gurston Down

motorsport Posted on Tue, September 11, 2012 22:58:42

We went we saw we raced we won….Jedamotorsport 1st and 2nd Darren took a new Class Record for the Midland Speed Champs at Gurston

Gr8 weekend in real hot weather,started out saturday at 9 am and returned 8.15 pm Sunday,nice overnight stay in Salisbury and some gr8 racing on the Sunday.

Car ran like a dream no problems

New Gopro 1080 cam purchased by Darren

The video tells the story,congrats Dar well deserved and an awesum drive,roll on Shelsley Walsh 2 weeks time


Busy Weekend

motorsport Posted on Fri, September 07, 2012 22:22:09

Here we are on a Friday night 07/sept/2012 everything is loaded for a fairly early start,picking Darren up on the way to Castle Combe Forge Motorsport Day then its on down to Gurston Down and dump the car and trailer off for Sundays hillclimb meeting,we then head off into Salisbury for an overnight stay a t a Hotel,then back to Guston for a days racing on Sunday morning early,I`m 5th up the hill…although I don`t class it as a hill as its seems all down hill?Hoping for some good runs as the weather is forecast as excellent.

Darren has bough a new HD Gopro cam for incar video,so watch this space.

Over and out

Jeff jj

few pics

motorsport Posted on Mon, August 27, 2012 21:04:18

First trophy for jedamotorsport care of Darrens 2nd place at Prescott

Car as @ 27th Aug 2012

Ready for next run up the hill..Prescott

Hillclimb update

motorsport Posted on Sun, August 05, 2012 21:44:52

Couple of more hillclimbs entered Gurston Down and Shelsley Walsh both in September,cars going well and well dialed in power wise and handling.We are both happy with the way she goes at the moment,we`ve made some adjustments in the cockpit seat ect just to add some more comfort in there.Air temp sensor has been moved at last from the Plenum to the airbox so no more heat soak there,sealed the collectors on the manifold yet again to stop me from getting gassed from carbon mono fumes with the blower on,never effects Darren as he never puts the blower on lol.

Also been messing with the decals,so the hatch has now gone over to something different,and the hood has been de decaled abit and she sports something a bit different.

We race on……………………

A few words from the old man

motorsport Posted on Wed, July 11, 2012 21:44:08

Darren summed up the day at Prescott and congrats to him for walking away with a 2nd place trophy,hmm me I just bummed the gears…grrrrr and ended up with a time 2 seconds down on my last pactice run of Saturday,it was an eye opener tho to be honest, as there are some tight bends at Prescott and we both had the RS on 3 wheels on the Semi Circle at the top of the climb

RsCombe was wet, very wet last Saturday,but heyho off we set at 6.00 am from a dry Cheltenham.On arrival at Combe it was slashing down…great start but we did the noise testing and signed on and had the boring breifing lol,then off Dar went sliding around like a jetski lol…on return he said f..k its greasy out there so the car stayed put for an hour while breakfast was had yum yum.Dar said get yer ass out there dad…so I did …and enjoyed the delights of sliding around on Toyo 888`s much fun was had and to be honest I was sorry to come in .

As the day went on it was apparent that the RS2K had finally been sorted for cornering with no hint of fuel starvation,just we ran short on fuel in the old jerri tanks and Dar went out for a fianal session around the 4.14 pm mark that was dry as a bone and had fun with a supercharged pug doing 270 bhp..that and the RS2K were the fastest cars on track…leaving Cozzis in there wake.

Can report the car being Superb,engine and handling wise at these 2 venues and now we look forwards to the next Midland Speed round…prolly Gurston Down or Shelsley Walsh…must get booking.

RSCombe in the Monsoon

And a monsoon Prescott Hill Climb

Drying by Afternoon

Video of prescott RS2K Run ” Saturday ” here ~

RS Combe 7th July 2012

motorsport Posted on Tue, July 03, 2012 22:20:34

A last minute call to the event organisers on Sunday night just gone and we had a track pass sorted for this weekends rs Combe. I didn’t make the show last year due to my daughter as she was due to be born around this date lol. Dad did make the trip up but the day was ended early while out on track due to some stretched front studs.

Anyway the car has come a long way since last year so we are both looking forward to taking her out on track to stretch her legs. We had issues with fuel surge last year at Combe so the swirl pot will be doing its job we’ll come Saturday. With the extra weight taken out of the car it should be abit nippier too.

Msa hill climb at Prescott

motorsport Posted on Tue, July 03, 2012 22:01:50

A great weekend at Prescott was had. The rs ran faultless all weekend and handled very well on the tight course. Saturday was practice where we both had 3 runs. Sunday was race day where we had 2 runs to crack a good time. The day started off with a mass down pour so our first run was pointless :-(. The last run was late afternoon where it had dried out so we were all set for a flyer time. The car was joint driven by me and my farther so once I had done my run I came back to the pits for a quick change over so he could do his run. End of day the results were in and I made 2nd place and Dad made 5th after a fluffed gear change.
So it was a great first outing for the car and came away with a glass trophy for my efforts.

More pics

motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 21:04:51

New pedal setup,but throttle pedal now much narrower than this pics

How the bay is for 2012.

2013 will no doubt see motec management and jenveys as we have found quite close by a perfect solution and resolve who will in-house turn key and rolling road for us.

latest pics

motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 20:57:21

Quick release front for ease of loading to trailer

Latest 16″ rims

small mods

motorsport Posted on Thu, June 07, 2012 18:59:28

Into June we go,Over the last couple of weeks I`ve done a few more mods to the RS including taking the angle grinder to the hatch,we,ve cut as much as we dare away including all the locking ect and installed bonnet pins to hold the hatch down,it still retains its cat 1 security though.The front splitter now has end plates and a bit of carbon trickery to try and add some more down force,also I have stripped more redundant wiring and switches from the gear stick area to clean that area of garbage.I`ve fitting some alloy pedals and removed the rubber ones for added grip to the racing boots as it just felt awkward on the feet,a small adjustment to the loud pedal was performed due to it being too wide so its now a skinny affair but also in alloy.We have now decided to go over to 16″ alloys to lower the gearing a tad and are in the process of obtaining Avon slicks to get us off the line quicker at the same time,17,s are just to big for hillclimbing so we now have 3 sets of alloys with a choice of monsoon/wet dry/dry to come,the other tyres are toyo tripple eights and yokohamas.The 16″ alloys were sourced from a guy down in Wiltshire who refurbs alloys,we now have some pristine escoz lookalikes from a mondy in Black not sure how they will look but hey we have them now.

Not much more to report at this time apart from odd bits of carbon being added here and there where we can put it.

As always there are plenty of pics that have been added to facebook over on our Jedamotorsport page.From myself or Darren.

Now I`m itching to get the car back on track….over and out for now

Jedamotorsport 1st hillclimb

motorsport Posted on Fri, April 27, 2012 19:22:41

Yes I know we are running late,but if you are in Gloucestershire,take a visit to Prescott on the weekend of June 23/24 June where we will be running in the Midland Speed Championship,it will be joint driven by myself and Darren.

Car is 100% ready now tried and tested and good to go.

Its go

motorsport Posted on Sun, April 15, 2012 23:42:50

Backup MSA logbook pic,hence number plate fitted

Santa Pod Raceway testing the RS2K

We switched testing venues on pricing and days lost at work as we both don`t get paid for non working days,it was origanally planned to do a full day at Hullavington Airfield on the 20th April but a switch in venue was very fruitfull.

Started a wet day on the outbound journey from Cheltenham,but by the time we got to Oxford it was dry and sunny,so high hopes for a good day..we were not disaapointed..nice sunny warm day greeted us at the Pod,payup and lets get ripping,Darren layed down the gauntlet with the car running well on early runs,then she started showing slower times???

We pitched her up and discovered that the 2nd air snorkle had came adrift and the main 90mm intake pipe to the Mustang Throttle body had split all the way round.A quick sprint to the pod shop on site for super glue and we were back in action,times started tumbling,then Darren set the fasted time of the day 14.8 at 92 mph,not bad for a car with no internal mods.

Car ran faultless all day,only missfires we had was me hitting the limiter now and again,we did back to back runs all day with a break for dinner.

Ok so another early start today “Sunday” as I had the local scruiteneer “Martin Ford” bloody nice bloke coming round to look over the RS2K,after an hour of checking her over I have the green light to compete,some very good advise off Martin and a few pointers…not all these guys are scarey,couple of little jobs to sort..hours work tops.

We now have a temp logbook that enables us to compete in hillclimbing and sprinting within the MSA framework.

First MSA competetion…TBA……update Prescott Sat 23 & Sun 24 June 2012

April here we are

motorsport Posted on Mon, April 02, 2012 19:15:47

Times flying by and here we are in April,we have entered into the Midland Speed Championship as it seems well suited to what we wanted to enter this will include hillclimbing and sprinting,car is 100% ready to go,just needing msa log booking I`ll be sourcing an MSA Scuiteneer at Prescott next week for this.I now have all my gear for racing now after buying a suit at Merlin the other week.

We have removed the inner lamps to the morette headlights and blanked the one and used the other as a 2nd snorkle feed for the airbox,car has had a major cleanup and shine,she came up really nice and shiney as always,new rollcage padding has also been added

Plans are to take the car down to Hullavington at the end of April for a shake down trackday,then as far as I can see the first sprint will be MIRA in May.

Just a note that we also are on Facebook under the Jedamotorsport banner where more will be posted throughout the season.

Small update

motorsport Posted on Tue, February 21, 2012 20:36:03

As we are nearing the end of Feb I thought a small update would be in order.

We have progressed on with the RS,floor has been primered and then had a few coats of the Ash Black,looks pretty nice and its defo smarter in there without all those pads all over the place,we have replaced the dash with altered angles to the oil pressure and temperature guages so we can actually see them now.The srivers seat “the only one now” is much lower and between me and Darrren we have come to a position to suit us both,we also sorted out the steering wheel nearer to the driver and darren sorted the clamping issue out at the same time.

More redundant wiring has been stripped,ie:air bag and seat pretentioner “yellow” wiring also footwell lighting has been removed for good.This enabled me to tidy up the mess round the seat,now looking tidy.

Alloy plate over old spare wheel well “now home to the sytec race pump and alloy swirl tank” is in the process of being sprayed then will be sealed using panel seam sealer.

Later in the week the exhaust system needs stripping off and all the joins sealing as most have broken down from track use,then we are removing the inner lamps from the morettes headlights,more weight saving and using the nearside for induction purposes after a reposition of the oil catch tank down behing the quick release front bumper.Then scrub the Toyo 888`s off and refit then scruiteneer time ,lets get her MSA logbooked.

Also have to squeeze a visit into Merlin Motorsport to pick up my racing suit,think Darren also wants some under fireproof clothing so thats gotto be done Saturday.

We are also on the lookout for somewhere to try the car out “a few 0 to 60`s” to check the fuel system is 100% before forking out for a shakedown in April at Hullavington Airfield.

Just a footnote we have both joined up with the Bugatti Club at Prescott and will be racing there all being well in Late April as our first meeting.


Stepping on into Feb

motorsport Posted on Tue, January 31, 2012 20:48:00

Have this for sale: Ford Escort Mk6 seatmount and side mounts for any bucket/race seat,driver side £70 plus post,contact me or Darren.

New fuel swirlpot and sytec pump just fitted for 2012 to the RS,top alloy cover removed from spare wheel well.

The RS2K into Jan 2012

motorsport Posted on Sat, January 21, 2012 19:05:06

At this present time the RS2K is in the workshops of Performance Autoworks of Fairford,this is to address the fuel surge problem and weld in some seat mounts.

We are having the usual 2 bars welded across from the tunnel to inner sills and I`ve delivered some custom made alloy seat mounts over to Simon that will save us some more weight,the old seat setup was 7.5 kg,now thats way so heavy~now gone for ever.

As we had the bars welded in the old front cross bracing that held the origanal seat in has been drilled out~more weight saving.

As for the new swirl pot and sytec pump well thats now going into the spare wheel well and being alloyed over,think Simon came up with a nice pot to sit in there nice and snug.

Need to find myself a race suit fairly quickly now as time is flying by,I have everything else,Darren is kitted out fully so apart from some odd posts here we will post on our days on the hills


Nearly into 2012

motorsport Posted on Wed, December 28, 2011 21:20:49

As I have time on my hands I`m dragging th RS out of mothballs and making a start on some 2012 mods,One crap job I need out the way is the sound dead pads removal,fire extinguisher needs fitting and a better inside seatbelt mount,to get it off the seat mount.

Well started today right crap job removing the tar pads,really needed dry ice but hey thats life,relocated the seat belt anchor through the floor skin with a sturdy plate the other side

Well all the pads are now out with a near to 7kg in weight saving and also the car will now be a bit safer in the instant of fire.Need a bit of a respray in the cabin now to tidy things up,well a driver needs some comfort even if just blatting up a hill.

Darren purchased a new 1lt oil catch tank for her as our existing one was under size for MSA hillclimb regs,space is tight so he`s gone for a cylindrical one like our existing one just to make installing it easy.

Floor pan,one side,just need spiriting off

messing around with videos

motorsport Posted on Tue, November 15, 2011 22:46:08

30 on Sunday

Day to Day Stuff Posted on Thu, October 06, 2011 23:04:08

Happy birthday for Sunday 9/10/11 m8.

30 eh lol. Time fly`s.

Someone looks chuffed..

Looking the part there Dar.Enjoy.

Quick release front end.

motorsport Posted on Sat, October 01, 2011 22:23:34

Needed this mod to make loading and unloading to the trailer a snip.

As the front splitter is running 2″ from the tarmac.

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